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A bit about me and my classes..

Hi, I'm Amanda, the Principal Teacher at Pilates 4.

I run a limited number of  group matwork classes and private Studio sessions (Cadillac, Reformer, Chair) in Lubbock Road Chislehurst, BR7.

Check out these pages from the menu above to find out a bit more about what I do and if it's for you!

My story

Pilates 4 was founded in 2015. I had just completed my Pilates teacher training with Body Control Pilates, the largest educational training centre in the UK. Highly regarded due to their focus on teaching the individual safely, taking into account their specific needs and capabilities. Many hours of practise and training go into becoming a competant matwork teacher, followed by regular and obligatory CPD. The following year I  trained to teach on the studio equipment (Reformer, Cadillac, Chair etc), to complete my skill set. I continue to teach in my home studio on a 1:1 and 2:1 basis which is where I feel I can provide the most benefit. Allowing me to tailor sessions to the individual, never teaching the same session twice. As much as I love the classical repertoire and enjoy practising it myself it is not always pertinent to every client I work with. I enjoy the creative aspects of  1:1 sessions, finding solutions to people's movement restrictions and difficulties, focussing on what they can do, working and improving  from there, rather than focussing  on what they can't. 

I am a  mother of 4 children and a qualified secondary school teacher, I have been involved in movement from a very young age. I  studied classical ballet, gymnastics, a variety of sports, yoga and Pilates for many years before deciding to train to become a Body Control Pilates Instructor. Experiencing the benefits of Pilates during pregnancy and beyond I have made it an integral part of my life. I am not a stranger to pain and chronic illness, overcoming ME as a teenager and I continue to manage pain associated with hypermobility through Pilates and movement.  I subscribe to the belief that movement is medicine. Sedentary lifestyles and occupations will  inevitably lead to deconditioning, muscle imbalances, stiffness and pain. Prescribed and appropriate movement is the perfect antidote to chronic non-specific back and joint pain.  


I am fully qualified to teach Pilates to ante-natal and post-natal clients  and have many years experience in training people with neurological conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis where I have seen the most impressive and rewarding results of my career. This is where I feel I make the most difference to people's quality of life. To be told "I can buzz around Lewisham shopping centre without my stick now" and "I am no longer afraid of falling over" or seeing someone leave my studio pain free after just an hour of movement is what makes my job so rewarding and worthwhile. 


I  have a personal interest in  hypermobility, EDS and associated connective tissue disorders which means I am well placed to help people who are learning to pace themselves and increase their activity through graded exercise.  This can also be relevant to recovery from Covid, Glandular Fever and other viruses which can have a longer recovery period.  

As well as the obvious physical benefits of Pilates training, I am always amazed at how the mindful approach to movement can have such a calming and restorative effect on people. I like to introduce other disciplines such as  breathwork and elements of yoga into my classes as well as biomechanics and myofascial release to achieve balance in mind and body. Breathwork being one of the most powerful, scientifically proven methods to improve health and wellbeing. I take a clinical approach to my teaching, aiming to help my clients improve their overall strength, flexibility and everyday functional movement.


I am particularly interested in  how Pilates can be used effectively during sports injury rehabilition and to enhance performance. Having worked  with elite rugby, hockey and cricket players in secondary schools I have specialist training in teaching children and teenagers as well as older clients, people with bone density problems and people with neurological conditions.


Pilates is truly for anyone and everyone and can be adapted to suit virtually any  mobility issue. In the majority of cases, with the correct instruction,  it can also be particularly effective in alleviating chronic lower back pain.


Movement in all forms is now widely regarded as the antidote to so many chronic conditions. It is my mission to introduce people to the idea that  "Health is wealth and movement is medicine". 

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